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The time of the year when you have to file your taxes is here again. You feel bored right? Well, you are not the only one who feels that way. There are many others who are sailing on the same boat. However, no matter how you feel like, the fact remains the same that there is no other way around filing taxes. In fact, it is one of the prime responsibilities of every citizen of the country. You can choose between filing the taxes by yourself and contacting an attorney to do the same.  The problem with the first option is that we being the layman are not always aware of the changes that have recently been made in the tax laws and regulations. Therefore, when we file it completely by ourselves, we end up making small mistakes which actually become huge. It becomes very troublesome when the Internal Revenue Service notices us. They make sure that they make us pay every penny of the tax amount to the government. So, let us see the consequences we might have to go through if we file the taxes incorrectly.

Tax Penalties

When tax defaulters do not pay the taxes on time or if they file it incorrectly, tax penalties are imposed on them. These penalties increase till the time the tax defaulters do not pay off the tax amount.

Tax Lien

Tax Lien is placed against the tax defaulters when the Internal Revenue Service makes it a point to take actions against the defaulters so that they pay off every single penny of the tax amount to the government. When tax lien is placed against the tax defaulters, they cannot buy or sell off their properties. Also, they cannot get any fresh loan during the period of tax lien being placed against them. Even in case the tax defaulters manage to convince any creditor and get a fresh loan, the rate of interest that they will have to pay for it will be increased. Tax liens result in ruining the credit scores of the tax payers. Even after they pay off the entire amount of tax, they would still find it challenging to get loan from all the creditors.

Tax Levy

Tax levy is a step sterner than tax lien. When the IRS places tax levy against the tax defaulters, they get legal rights to seize the wages, real estate, automobiles, and even the savings maintained by the tax defaulters in their bank accounts. Tax levy makes the process of paying the taxes for the tax defaulters a little more difficult.

Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment is one such step that makes it not only difficult but next to impossible for the tax defaulters to pay off the tax amount and at the same time manage the monthly budget of their family. When wage garnishment is placed against the tax defaulters, a legal notice is sent by the IRS to the employer of the tax defaulters. After the employer is notified, every month a certain percentage of the tax defaulter’s wage will go to the IRS. The percentage of the wages depends upon the amount that has to be paid by the tax defaulters. The percentage of wages can go up to 70%. The employer cannot do much about it as the country’s laws and regulations are involved in it.

If you are stuck in one such circumstance where you have actually done anything intentionally but due to lack of information you ended up with the goof up, then this is the time you need to get in touch with a tax attorney who can bring some kind of solution to the problem. If you live in Yonkers, then you can easily find a few ways out of this problem by contacting the National Tax Attorney. The National Tax Attorney takes pride in having some of the best tax attorneys in Yonkers and many other cities of the United States. They have been offering services to the residents of this city since a long time. When you are in touch with this firm, you can be assured that they will not only solve your tax related problems but also keep you informed about all the steps they are taking to negotiate with the Internal Revenue Service.

When the National Tax Attorney takes up such a case, they will first try to remove the tax penalties through penalty abatement and then move on to the instalment agreement part. Once the instalment agreement is approved by the IRS, the tax defaulters get room to either pay the due amount either monthly or quarterly.

Now the only thing that you will have to do is to drop a line to the National Tax Attorney. They will go through your case and bring out the best possible solution to it. You can trust the National Tax Attorney even before filing your taxes and let them do it on your behalf.


BBB Rating: A+

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will the I.R.S. cease trying to recover on back tax once 15 years pass?

The Federal Government cannot collect on for income taxes that are greater than ten years old. This gets under way from the time it has prepared the assessment on your income tax debt. The Federal government will lose the stake in order to gather on past due Internal Revenue Service tax liability as the 10 year time frame dies. For many Yonkers citizens an IRS LIEN is defined as a declaration against one's home or property (and this includes vehicles, jewelry, houses, etc) as a secureness needed for a taxes owed However; a tax levy may perhaps be the legitimate seizure of your real estate to be enough for that balance.

Could a tax liability get dismissed within a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

The way your back taxes owed will be treated inside a BK is dependent up entirely on whether it is an actual principal or just non-precedence tax bill obligation. Main priority Internal Revenue Service debts will need to be put in a real Chapter 13 pay back arrangement. Where, non-priority Internal Revenue Service tax debts are hands down released comparable to your other unguaranteed outstanding debts (as example credit cards and even dismissed as soon as you get your primary relief. The vast majority of I.R.S. tax bills tend to be primary financial debt in personal bankruptcy. Therefore, you can't eliminate them merely by ending up with a emission and declaring B.K. If you should apply for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in Yonkers you should repay your personal precedence IRS liabilities 100 % via your pay back package. |May IRS financial obligations end up being discharged in B.K.? Whether or not an actual debt is eliminated within a Bankruptcy relies up entirely on the Internal Revenue Service Rules. They'll be required to pay down any sort of Precedence IRS tax debts in Bankruptcy policies. On the other side, non-precedence Internal Revenue Service tax obligations are going to get emitted into a B.K. The majority of IRS debts are really considered precedent in the course of a bankruptcy proceeding. Sad to say, a lot of Internal Revenue Service obligations may not be resolved by way of bankruptcy proceedings alone. Priority IRS tax liabilities should be paid back in private bankruptcy.

What IRS bills might be wiped away?

Primarily, IRS income taxes that are at least thirty-six months old may possibly be. There is always an exclusion to clear when your cash, New York material goods, or services had been purchased through fake pretenses. In the event it can be found that the client practiced a criminal means to procure services or goods then it would need to be taken out of your personal bankruptcy procedures. Plus, revenue judgments are commonly dischargeable, with some exceptions. |What IRS tax debts tend to be paid by bankruptcy? For the most part, I.R.S. tax debts that are more than several years old can often be. For your personal debt to generally be part of a Chapter 7 it's got to first be cleared that the cash, belongings or professional services weren't received while using fake pretenses. If under every day conditions a financial institution wouldn't have made the loan and if deceptive assertions were formulated to obtain the financing then of course your debt could not be inside the individual bankruptcy. In addition, income judgments are frequently dischargeable, with a few exclusions.

Precisely what must I do when I cannot really take care of my personal Internal Revenue Service bills?

The IRS has payment solutions if you decide you cannot pay back your IRS tax debt. The I.R.S. definitely will evaluate the amount your debt is and your up-to-date income situation to find out what strategy can most assist you. Every single option gives you a range of circumstances and a few come with premiums. Most people presented with debt predicaments may find that there is an Internal Revenue Service tax bearing to scenarios like a career deprivation, loan forgiveness or removing wealth from a Individual Retirement Account. It's important to ring us immediately in case you have any kind of irs considerations you require help with.

Exactly what are the tax debt relief programs?

There are many Internal Revenue Service back tax relief approaches which will help, for instance the I.R.S.'s new system. Typically a payment contract may be used for people who can't pay their income tax burden all at once. This plan lets people to make equal payments until eventually their income tax burden is attained. An OIC may be used to absolve their IRS obligations . Not all people qualify for an Offer-and-Compromise. Just one more I.R.S. device would be Penalty Settlement, where by a few of their personal penalties may possibly be ignored.

May a taxpayer settle an IRS debt for a lot less than I owe?

A taxpayer may make a deal at a discount and in a few occasions get their own I.R.S. debts resolved however they will want to experience a qualification process. If they are eligible, a fresh start Offer-in-Compromise can radically lessen their tax burden.

What is an Internal Revenue Service back tax Offer & Compromise?

You are able to pay back much less than the whole amount outstanding if you take advantage of an Offer and Compromise. Enhancements happen to have been produced in the different process to ease an OIC. The Internal Revenue Service happens to be considerably more accommodating with viewing the possibility to repay the IRS obligations.

Precisely how much less would the Internal Revenue Service go with?

The Internal Revenue Service directions make it possible for one to lower one's IRS bills ranging from 25 % up to Ninety three Pct or greater based upon their unique situation. When it comes to an extensive financial hardship, like a health emergency or employment loss you might be qualified for IRS plans that should really lessens a taxpayer's entire tax liability. . One�s own tax liability could be dropped if an individual encountered life transforming monetary difficulties. Including a business loss, healthcare scenario or other debt problems. Note: A considerable drop against one's I.R.S. bill is obtainable by just eradicating I.R.S. charges and interest charges.

Am I able to lessen my income tax debt by myself?

You can endeavor to clear up your income tax liability setbacks alone but it is remarkably best to hire an IRS tax settlement specialist like an Enrolled Agent or an Internal Revenue Service lawyer. In case your water heat tank broke in the midst of the night time, and then your apartment filled with water, the ultimate way to instantly repair the problem is generally to call up a specialist. It is usually the same thing regarding income tax bill conflicts. Save yourself your money, precious time and irritation of seeking to figure it out all by yourself, and just retain a Yonkers tax lawyer to take care of all of it.

Can I decrease my IRS obligations?

Yeah. A bunch of plans can be employed to reduce your own I.R.S. burden. You may very well decrease your personal I.R.S. tax by utilizing a number of services. For example, employing the aid of an accountant or a tax legal professional in YOUR CITY to assist in determining your circumstances and finding a rewarding strategy to decrease your tax bills is a marvelous place to begin. You will want to use an Internal Revenue Service legal professional having a past of working with the IRS and knows all aspects of income tax debt reduction. If you have extreme back Internal Revenue Service liabilities, then an income tax relief authorized professional can deal with the figures and formulate one of the best plan get rid of the income tax liabilities.